What do we offer?

We are based in Roanoke, VA and offer local in studio and on location services ranging from boudoir to business branding and beyond!

More importantly, We travel ;)

Catch us as we tour the country and drop in to select cities or hire us to come to you! Whether you're looking for a luxury aesthetic in the mountains, a boho style at the beach or a glam vibe in the comfort of your own home - we have you covered.

We work with everyone.

From first timers with zero experience to celebrity influencers and businesses...

...We know what we are doing, so you don't have to.

We are trained in posing, lighting, post production body contouring and retouching, styling, and even have your professional hair and makeup services covered. Every shoot comes with a personal concierge who will walk you through the process and coordinate your shoot in a way that is specifically tailored to you.

Have questions? Don't worry - everyone does ;) We are here to help!

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Questions? Travel Requests? Leave em here!

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  • Chelsea, Roanoke

    I have always been so nervous about my body image, so stepping out of My comfort zone to get half way naked in front of women I never met was a huge step for me!

    Once I arrived at the GSP they immediately took me in and make me feel so welcomed! We joked, laughed, and over all the women made me feel beautiful which was something that o had lacked in myself!

    Hali was amazing at coaching me through step for step on how to position my body, the angles that worked best for me, and make me feel like a whole goddess!

    Kristin and Ryana were both of My cheerleaders and hype girls the whole time telling me how amazing I looked and making sure that I never felt uncomfortable!

    I overall rate this a 10/10 experience!”

  • Stephanie, Rocky Mount

    “Yesterday I did the full boudoir session with hair💇‍♀️, makeup💄, and let the amazing ladies Hali Rae Donithan Rayna Wheeler Kristin Perkins pick my outfits!!!! I’m typically quite conservative and not comfortable with my appearance…. Well hunni the VIBE was AMAZING 🪴❤️🥰😍 They made me feel immediately comfortable, enjoyed a refreshing mimosa while they pampered me, and then while posing and after I was on a high for hours!!! Can’t wait for some sneaks and the full gallery, but if you’re hesitant don’t delay BOOK NOW!”

  • Sarah, Vinton

    “This is not the typical post I normally make.. 

    But- please understand I have always,  always struggled with my weight. I lose like 50-90 pounds then Without fail every single time BOOM, it's back.😒 it has always made me question myself and if I'm enough.  So when I won a photo shoot with Glitter Squad Photography that was valued at 600$ Hair, Makeup, and multiple outfit changes included- I FROZE.  the thoughts started racing.. will I be pretty enough, is there anyway I can lose 20 pounds in the short time before I go, what am I going to look like.. and of course I thought about canceling it hundreds of times in the short time before.. 

    But let me tell you what... I'm so damn glad I went!

    I promise you all, I would trust Hali Rae Donithan, Kristin Perkins and Rayna Wheeler with anything- so I knew it would be perfect!

    If you have been down on yourself lately,  or just not feeling the best about yourself for WHATEVER reason, then BOOK👏THE👏DAMN👏PHOTOSHOOT👏

    PLEASE! I felt like an absolute goddess!! NOTHING LESS THAN AMAZING!”