Business & Artist Services

Business Services

We understand all too well how stressful wearing multiple hats can be as a business owner. Allow us to take some weight off your shoulders while simultaneously saving you time and money on things like catalogue spreads, product photography, social media content, branding and more! All business services are quoted based on your needs. Please shoot us an email at and let us know exactly how we can tailor a package to meet your needs. We are happy to offer the following:

Catalogue spreads: whether you need a few styled images for the front page of your website, or a full inventory spread we would be happy to serve you. Simply ship us any inventory you would like pictured and select which models you would like us to use from our model team. We will discuss an overall aesthetic or theme so that your images seamlessly flow with your website. 

Product Photography: Don't need models? Just need some professional quality pictures of your products? We've got you covered! We will again discuss overall aesthetic and any props you would like to incorporate. We can quote anywhere from a few social media images to a full website catalogue.

Social Media Content: Professional quality photos and reels to boost your online visibility and presence. 

Headshots & Branding: Let us introduce YOU to your audience with a professional branding photoshoot and headshots. 

Runway shows and Vendor events: Need an in-person model for an event or runway show? We would be happy to link you with one of our girls! Please include the names of the models you would like to work with, dates of your event and the role you would like them to play. 

 Collaboration and marketing: Need exposure? We love collaborating with small businesses and pushing content out to our clientele to promote your brand. Please specify what channels you would like us to promote you on (Newsletters, ad space on our website, our business pages on IG or FB, TikTok, etc)




We are fortunate enough to have an in house studio and producer to help emerging artist's visions come to life. In one stop you can record your music, have it mixed and mastered, and get branding images or cover/album art for your new releases. Book studio time and/or branding images under our add on services. If you're interested in unique cover/album art please email us with your concept and we can quote you a price based on what you are looking for.

Get information on our in house producer "Kan3" under our 'Who are we' section.