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Glitter Squad Photography

Realization Framed Prints

Realization Framed Prints

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In order for a change to occur, a discomfort must exist.


At some point, you have to look at your surroundings. Take inventory of your thoughts and habits. Get honest with yourself and REALIZE that where you are now is no longer serving you.


This is the first step of transformation.


How do you FEEL when you think about this season of your life?


If you feel anxious, chaotic, dependent, hopeless, isolated, addicted, beaten down or defeated - then simply acknowledge where you are at today.


Be brutally honest and allow yourself to feel the sting of whatever is holding you down right now. Journal how you feel in this moment.

Prints are 4x6 images and framed with a 2” wide black mat and black metal frame. Paper print is a metallic paper with lustre finish. 

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery to your door. 


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